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Financial & Banking Applications
Payment systems
Payment systems, ecr, wallet applications and secure identification & e2e communication protocol
Infrastructure Monitoring
Monitor & Manage your Infrastructure
Network monitoring & ip address management applications
Machine Learning and AI
Overcome challanges with AI
Solving financial, NLP and prediction problems using Big Data
VoIP & Video Conferencing
Software for Call Centers

IVR, Recorder, WebRTC Video Conferencing, Quality applications

Our Latest Projects

  • Autonomous Certificate Enrollment
    & HSM Integration Software
  • IP Address Management
    & Monitoring
  • Network Infrastructure Monitoring and Reporting

Autonomous secure certificate enrollment protocol over insecure line

  • - Certificate Management
  • - HSM Integration
  • - EC, RSA, AES, X509

Manage your large scale IP address pool with innovative UI, generate reports, integrate to erp systems

  • - Automated route CIDR collection
  • - Role based IP reservation
  • - Reporting & Alerting
  • - Ipv6 support

Fast, scalable, customizable and optimized network Infrastructure monitoring, recording and reporting tool

  • - Automatic discovery of network devices, physical or virtual interfaces
  • - Integrate existing Configuration Item Management Software
  • - Behavioral Alarms and Reporting
  • - SnmpV2, SnmpV3, SSH, ICMP, IPv6 protocol support